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Asset Management Programs

Applied Automation provide Asset Management Service Programs.  We can manage the repair and return (R&R) of your critical specific process related equipment (Asset) necessary for your process to continue operating with minimum to no downtime, due to specific equipment failure.  You send us your defective unit, we repair it, and send it back to you ready to install for work.  Applied Automation has solution partners, in some cases, to reverse engineer a portion of the obsolete module when repair parts are no longer available.  We can provide industrial control upgrades, printed circuit board repair & reverse engineering, and manufacturing of circuit boards, while keeping the integrity and operations of your repair unit. Asset management programs have prolonged companies from spending capital on system upgrades where funding may not be budgeted, or readily available at the present time.


The asset management program for R&R will extend equipment operating life cycles, minimize equipment and production downtime, while increasing production yields and throughputs.  Also, spare units will be readily assessable in the event of an unexpected failure, or whenever scheduled routine preventative maintenance service inspections are required on the equipment.  Applied Automation utilizes asset management programs with companies that have been operating equipment nearing and past the end of its lifecycle.  In many instances, companies only have a limited stock of the equipment, the equipment may be obsolete, have limited availability for repair parts, or just outdated in today’s technology. 

​Applied Automation will work with you to determine if asset management objectives are feasible for your company’s operations and requirement.  We will work with you to complete an asset inventory, calculate life-cycle costs, set levels of service, apply cost-effective management, and execute long-term financial planning. 

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