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Build-to-Print &
Industrial Control Panel Build Services

Build-to-Print Services

Applied Automation provide build-to-print contract services.  Build-to-print service is a process in which Applied Automation will manufacture a product according to the customer’s drawings, exact specifications, and instructions.  We provide many custom services such as programming and testing a control unit prior to shipping to the customer. Our capability allows us to download customer supplied programs into onboard processors.  We can then run program subroutines to test partial or entire system functionalities, validating assurance of each build-to-print unit.  Materials for manufacturing build-to-print units may be procured by Applied Automation, or supplied by the customer.  Pending customer’s requirement, we may or may not apply electrical power to test completed unit’s functionality.

AA Build to Print 4_edited.jpg
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Industrial Control Panel Build Services

Applied Automation provide industrial control panel build services.  We provide panel layout, mounting of components, point-to-point wiring, integrity testing, and placement of labels and any screen printing on back panels and associated enclosures.  Panels are built to customer’s exact specifications to include all markings and packaging materials for shipment.  We have the capability to preload any specific parameters at the customer’s request prior to shipment.  Applied Automation may procure the bill of materials for the panel build, or the bill of materials may be supplied by the customer.   We will work with the customer to ensure specific requirements are agreed upon and met.  Based on the customer’s requirement, we may or may not apply electrical power to test completed unit’s functionality. 

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