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Preventative Maintenance Programs

Applied Automation provides Preventative Maintenance (PM) service contracts for your facility and operational needs.  We will work with you to strategically determine critical equipment areas of interest, and type of service, that will best offer returns for your operations.  Inspection checklists are used to verify each maintenance check, and repair reports will be generated as a result of completing each PM checklist and forwarded to the customer for review.  Call us to discuss how Applied Automation may be able to work with your organization to establish a program that will help minimize equipment downtown, increase profits, and reduce the day-to-day operational stress for your facility.


What is preventative maintenance and how to use it effectively?

Preventative maintenance (or preventive maintenance) is maintenance that is regularly and routinely performed on physical assets to reduce the chances of equipment failure and unplanned machine downtime that can be very costly for maintenance teams and facility managers. Effective preventive maintenance is planned and scheduled based on real-time data insights. A preventative maintenance task is performed while the equipment is still working to prevent unexpected break downs.


Types of preventative maintenance

There are three main types of preventative maintenance: Time, usage, and condition-based triggers. A variation of these types of preventative maintenance should ideally be scheduled and performed on all items of equipment to prevent unplanned failure. Manufacturers often provide recommendations on how to best maintain equipment.


Door Maintenance and Remedial Repair Services

Are you looking for a "One-Stop-Shop" for your facility's Door Maintenance & Repair Services? Would you like to save time, money, and effort for procuring your door repair services? Applied Automation provides full-service contracts to include Project Management, Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Remedial Maintenance (RM) Services for select or all of your perimeter, manual entry, mechanical, and electronically operated doors; and you only have to make one phone call for any type of service request.

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