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Specialty Sensors

Applied Automation utilizes specialty sensors, such as Transparent Object Detection Sensors, Laser Measurement Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Non-contact Thermometers, Analog Output Sensors, and other specialty sensors to perform precision inspections and detections of various manufactured products.  We can perform real-time or stand-alone product inspections for critical manufactured parts and materials. 


We offer several sensor controller units utilizing analog and discrete output sensor solutions. With built-in displays, integrated timers, simple logic control, arithmetic functions, and signal converters these units are perfect for usage where programmable logic controllers may require a different input or where the required input may not be accessible.

AA Sensor 10_edited.jpg

Color Vision Image Sensor

Monitors parts for accurate size, orientation, shape, location, and color variations

AA Sensor 9.jpg

Level Monitoring Sensor

This T30R can be installed outside of a plastic tank.  It's high frequency radio wave signal penetrates through plastic containers to allow measurement levels of the liquid.

AA sensor 1_edited.jpg

2D Profile Measurement Sensor

All-in-one design sensor inspects height, width, position, tilt, diameter, length, etc. of an object.


RGB Color Sensor 

Has mark mode and color mode detection used for high-speed detection of registration marks.  Digital display has an advanced set up.  The key lock function prevents accidental changes to sensor settings.

AA Sensor 11_edited_edited.jpg

Photoelectric Sensor

Ideal for transparent materials such as bottles, film, glass, and plastic.  Has long-range sensing equipped to overcome interference from dust and fine particles.  Also has thru-beam type sensing.

AA Sensors pic 1.jpg

Flow Sensor

Used to detect liquid flow, control purge gas, air blowing, and used to check suction for the detection of objects.

AA Sensor 8_edited_edited_edited_edited.

Pressure Sensor

This sensor is perfect for the detection of air and liquid pressure.  Allows for panel mounting of the amplifier while the sensor head is mounted remotely.

AA Sensor 6_edited_edited.jpg

Inductive Proximity

Used for metal detection applications.  Has LED indicator at base for easy user verification of sensor output status

AA Sensor 5_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Fiber Optic Cables

Many options for a variety of applications.  From small spot, wide beam, high temperature, right angle, etc.  Cables are compatible with standard 2.2mm diameter fiber amplifiers.  

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